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Kitchen hours: 13:00 to 01:00 h
without interruption

We are located in the historic area of town very close to other Barcelona's emblematic places

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How the 7 Portes Restaurant was born

Josep Xifré i Cases was a powerful Catalan businessman in the first half of the XIX century; the richest Catalan at the time.He built the so-called Xifre houses in the Isabel II Promenade in Barcelona and took a hand in the design himself, as he wanted to create buildings with porches similar to those in the Rue Rivoli and the central squares of Paris.
He made his home and office in the new building, and decided to place a luxurious café on the site as well. The café had seven doors through which the public could enter, and an eighth entrance for staff and goods.

Restaurant 7 Portes
Pg. Isabel II, 14 - 08003 Barcelona

Kitchen hours: de 13:00 h. a 01:00 h. "WITHOUT INTERRUPTION"
Telephone: +34 93 319 30 33 / 93 319 29 50
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